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Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities

The Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) was established in May 2007, and replaced the Department of Municipalities and Agriculture to act as the main focal point of all municipal planning and to oversee public works projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The DMA aims to produce efficiencies and higher customer satisfaction in accordance with the national Policy Agenda which will represent a new era in municipal services to the general public.

As a regulatory body, the DMA supervises the three regional municipal councils and municipal administrations; Abu Dhabi Municipality, Al Ain Municipality and Western Region Municipality.

The DMA contributes directly to the work of the Executive Council in the following work areas:

  • Planning and managing the infrastructure and assets.
  • Creating the ability for a large empowered private sector to play a role in the delivery of municipal services.
  • Fostering an optimized and transparent regulatory environment that enhances Abu Dhabi's ability to attract local and foreign direct investment.
  • Contributing to the domestic security of infrastructure assets.
  • Utilizing strong and diverse international relationships to provide for and improve municipal services within the Emirate.
  • Ensuring Emirate resource optimization.
  • Contributing to the maintenance of Abu Dhabi's heritage and culture.

The organization structure of the DMA is comprised of the following divisions:

  • Local Governance, responsible for the municipal regulations, strategic support, Municipal Councils management and customer complaints.
  • Municipal Support, responsible for municipal operations support, inter-department coordination, and training.
  • Property Registrar, responsible for handling complex property requests and transactions, and managing the Property Registrar database.
  • DMA Support Services, responsible for providing administrative and legal support to the DMA.

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